Bad hair day kills every one and not only us but the celebs also have to face it one day or the other. To save you from all the horror, here are some hairstyle tips on bad hair day.

High bun1. The well known ponytail is your hairstyle on the bad hair day. Pull up your hair into a ponytail and apply some gel to tame them.

2. The best hairstyle on a bad hair day when you have to attend a party is Chignon. Twist your hair and make it into a neat bun. Hold the position with bun sticks and there you are looking neat and tidy even on a bad hair day. The fact that buns are in trend this season, makes you look stylish as well.

3. For a more casual look, make your messy hair into careless beauty. The hairstyle is called the messy twist. Twist your hair and pull it up. Pin it up with a clip, with the loose end getting playful over the side. This hairstyle goes very well with casual wears.

4. Braids are the best hassle free hairstyle on a bad hair day. Make a braid, even better is a French braid to hide your messy hair.

5. Wear a cute and funky hat to cover that hair or use a beautiful scarf or headband to cover those cuts.

Following these tips you can change your bad hair days into good hair day and earn some compliments that you never got. 

1.Twisted plaits and messy hair is also a funkier look for this season.
2.Change the way you part your hair. Shifting your hair parting by just a few inches can be an excellent way of concealing hair that’s not at its best.
3.Use dry shampoo to bring back the bounce to your hair.
4.Pat your hair with water to set them properly. But be careful not to run your hands through your hair too many times.
5.Try parting it on the opposite side, or try a middle part. Switching parts adds volume instantly.