5 Quick Hairstyles For College


Quick smart and easy ways to tie your hair for college sounds interesting Carry a different hairstyle to suit your mood and match different dresses accessories and handbags for a whole new look every day

If you are running short of time and going to a college in bad hair is just not good option for you. What will you do then? Not to worry friends, I have some quick hair styling tips that will keep you looking lovely.

2 Minute messy bun
Pile all your hair on top and wrap an elastic band around it a couple of times. Choose a few bobby pins that match the color of your hair and use them to shape your bun. If you want to make the bun a little messier, pull out a few ends and set the style in place with hairspray.
Boho chic sideways French braid
You need to be good at French braiding for this hair style to work. For this hairstyle you begin by parting your hair to the side and braid it across the hairline, using a clear band to secure it. The rest of the hair is meant to be left messy, giving you a very boho chic look.
Colourful headbands
Brush your hair until it is relatively smooth and slip on a wide headband to cover any messy strands in the front. It is really a quick hairstyle. You can also choose thin plastic coloured polka dots or beaded hair bands.
Accessorize your hair
In addition to headbands, you could use soft scarves, clips, and hairpins to style your hair if you are really not in the mood to style and set your hair. There are a lot of other hair accessories like colourful beads, tick-tacks, clutches, rubber bands you can choose from for your style.
Chic ponytail
Pull all your hair back into a low pony tail, leaving about half an inch strand out. Secure the pony tail with clear soft band.  Finish off by wrapping the extra strand of hair around the clear elastic and secure it with a bobby pin.

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