Bathe Like A Queen!


Try the luxurious beauty bath therapy and treat yourself with its benefits We are here to let you pamper the senses of the Queen within you

What a spa includes?
1.Soft body massage with relaxing oil.

2.Body scrubbing to detoxify you and remove dirt and dead cells from the skin.
3.Steam to open the pores.
4.Body pack, for the glow.
5.Aromatic ambiance and soothing water to bathe.
6.Pampering with body lotions after the bath.
How to cut on price?
Other than arranging for an exotic bath at home you can try and cut on price too.
•If you can’t take sauna or steam bath at home you can substitute it with warm towel treatments.
•Instead of exotic perfumes nice smelling aromatic oils or perfumes sprayed in water may do the trick.
•Costly salt scrubs can be replaced by a normal facial scrub accompanied by scrubbing with a loofah while bathing.
Stick to this schedule
Don’t miss any of these...
1.Take a body massage
2.Scrub it right with a good
3.Soaking salt- Steam
4.Exotic bath
5.A relaxing sleep
All you need to know
1.What you don’t need: Heavy investment.
2.What you need: Time.
3.What not to forget: Music and aromatic candles.
4.Necessary tools: Pumice stones, loofah.
5.Exotic options: You can have wine bath, milk bath or include oatmeal or honey in your bath for an exotic feel.
6.What not to do: Hard scrubbing, artificial aromas.
7.The trick: Pamper yourself, rub the body softly and take deep breathe so that the soothing aroma may relax you.

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