Colourful Feet


It seems that the colourblocking trend has reached the feet too If it’s so then you shouldn’t lag behind in this fashion race Get a pair or two for yourself and give your feet a colourful treat by opting for the most bright and cheery colours available at the showroom

An eye popping colour at your feet. Well, everyone would be pleased to bow their heads down and look at them.

Brand: Adidas
       Price: Rs. 1, 799
Hey, the rarest hue anyone would opt for when it comes to footwear. Be rare and go different in crowd.
Brand: Adidas
      Price: Rs. 3, 199
Eye pleasing at the same time attractive too. Go for it without indulging in some sort of confusion.
Brand: Lotto
    Price: Rs. 849
Good combo of dull and bright. The high-end brand is another reason to jump for it.
Brand: Nike
          Price: Rs. 3, 150
Rare, trendy, attractive. Words fall short to describe this exclusive footwear.
Brand: Nike
          Price: Rs. 6, 296
Wear the bunch of colours in your feet and make a style statement of your own.
Brand: Puma
        Price: Rs. 4, 499

Posted By: Surabhi Yadav

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