Curtains Are Not Just A Piece Of Fabric!


Add tinge of life on walls with lively curtains

Grab trendy curtains for a low-budget makeover of your room. Though the utility factor of curtains dominates their style factor often, the right choice can do wonders for the look of your room...

Girls like floral prints (and that’s why guys like them too), so why not pick a print that lifts up your mood. But yes, choose a colour that suits summer, off white, cream, even light tones of pink, yellow, blue, sea green gels well with the summer interior.

If you are lucky enough to own a much-larger-than-need room, layering or displaying two contrats colours in rich fabric will do the trick. This pic might show classic colour, but you may choose the ones that suit your attitude. Take your mom’s help for this.

Combo works
You can also select a print that suits the present colour of curtain that hangs in your room. Combine two or three designs and hang them alongside, we bet you are going to like that.

Blinds stop the hot air from outside from entering your room, but not the great view.

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