Gaga Goes Bald?


Lady Gaga wore a bald cap on the UK's 'Paul O'Grady Show' where the singer sang her ballad 'Hair ' Gaga who has been stretching her own limits lately by doing the reverse of what people might expect opted for a simpler performance where the pop star played the piano circled by a ring of fire

Lady Gaga is all about irony. For an acoustic performance of her new song Hair (off her new album, Born This Way), the 25-year-old singer debuted her wildest look yet: a newly bald head.
It’s unclear if the singer  actually shaved her head or simply wore  a cap.Appearing on England’s Paul O’Grady Show, Gaga slowly ran her hand over her scalp during the piano-driven song. Midway through her performance, Gaga paused for dramatic effect, then placed an aqua-colored wig on her head.

Why the shocking makeover? ‘You’re even freer without hair,’ Gaga had told in an interview in May.

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