Heels Define Your Personality


Choose right heel & define your personality Elegant & sexy stilettos suits best for formal & party occasions Higher they are hotter they look

1. Sober party transparent stiletto with shiny designer balls looks attractive & will make you crux  of attention.

2. Black ankle strap stiletto with broad platform to support your toes is an excellent combo of style & comfort suitable for any purpose casual or formal.

3.  For elegant & sexy look choose glossy silver sleek stiletto.

4.  Stilettos in evergreen black with net stockings enhance the beauty of foot.

5. Ankle strap stilettos with delicate single strap to support your foot with studded beads look elegant.

6. Studded black stiletto with crest shape platform to support your toes & round metal buckle with leather strap to hold your heel is a nice.


7. Smart blue black stiletto with cozy broad straps.

8. Tall red canvas cum stiletto with lace up fronts looks trendy.

9. Shinny stiletto with beak front looks chichi.

10. Colour combination of black & copper is evergreen & can be paired with varied dress.

11. Alder wood bottom with a metal stiletto heel looks unique & classy. Genuine leather upper with a metal buckles holds your foot firmly & cushion padded insoles gives style with maximum comfort.

Streamline elegant & sexy stilettos is perfect for formal & party occasions. Ankle leather strap metal studded or casual canvas cum stiletto goes with casual occasions. Wooden stilettos with broad strap & cushion padded insoles are comfortable.

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