Is Your Guy Flirting With You?


Touch can reveal what is cooking in your mind So next time you are dating a guy keep your eyes wide open to see what is popping in his mind on the flames of emotions

Sometimes you irritate your guy by doubting and misinterpreting him. But sometimes you cannot read him when he is in mood of flirting. Not to worry I will tell you some intelligent
ways to catch your guys the moment they try their chance to flirt you.

Eyes are door to person’s heart. Just do make firm eye contact when he is looking into your eyes. If your guy silently parts his lips while looking at you, then it’s the time for you to be alert. Mind it he is not taking you seriously and is just interested in time pass.
 Irritating uncontrollable movements like touching his face, rubbing his ear or chin with the fingers tells that something fishy is cooking in his mind. A guy doesn’t realize but this looks ridiculous and leaves a bad impression.   
 Girl, if your guy is messing with his hair, he is naughty mood. Guys have the tendency of playing and rubbing their hair when they are in flirty mood.
Touch is sweet and brings your partner closer, but an undesired touch can spoil your relationship. If your guy leans on your shoulder and gently pushes or slaps you, your guy is in mood of flirt.
Don’t be too sure and judge your guy only on these points. Changes in your guy’s attitude for a long time with these signs can be dangerous. If these don’t stay for long then you are lucky.

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