Miss India Vasuki Sunkavalli Left Red Faced


A disappointed Vasuki tweeted u work so hard for something n u can’t deliver for reasons not in ur control my national costume was stuck at Brazil customs for over a week

At an international stage, Indian contestant Vasuki Sunkavalli was left red-faced when her national costume failed to be delivered on time for a photocall at the pageant.
With the grand finale of Miss Universe 2011 just a few hours away, there is not a single photograph of Miss India Vasuki Sunkavalli in her national costume.

If the Vasuki’s tweets are anything to go by, it seems that her outfit was held up by Brazilian customs authorities for a week. As a result, Vasuki missed out on the September 8 photocall segment, which sees contestants model their national costumes.
While there's still no official word on why there was a hold-up, the stunner did manage to shine in the swimsuit round recorded on the same day, showing off her toned figure.

Posted By: Surabhi Yadav

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