This Happens Only In USA


A Jet carrying Michelle Obama was forced to abort a landing to avoid another plane

Just think of the incident when a jet carrying a Lady who is considered as the first lady of America aborted by the aviation authorities. Unlike India, this happens only in USA.
The incident took place in Maryland at Andrews Air Force Base when Michelle Obama’s Boeing 737 was approaching Andrews Air Force Base and it was told to "go around” or to climb and attempt another approach.

When asked to the aviation administration it cleared that the plane was about three miles behind a large cargo jet (200-ton C-17 cargo jet) that was landing. According to The Federal Aviation Administration, “Required standard spacing between the two planes must be at least the five-mile”.
The federation though rejected the doubt if the aircraft were in any danger and said that both the planes were landed safely.
Andrews Air Force Base is a military facility where Air Force One, the presidential aircraft and other top level government planes are based.
The air space around Andrews Air Force Base is handled by the civilian Federal Aviation Administration.

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