Modeling Is My Passion


Pratik Arora of Galgotia College of Engineering Delhi was crowned Mr Ritambhara at IIT Kanpur's annusal fest Antaragni’11 He shared his happiness and future plans with us

Is this your first title?
I have walked on ramp twice before but this is the first time when I have won a title. 

You are an engineering student, what made you try your luck in modeling?
Engineering is my career and modeling is my passion.
Are you interested in Bollywood?
Not decided yet but will give a try if something concrete happens.

How do you balance between your studies and your passion for modeling?
It's not a problem. I am an admirer of fit bodies. I go to gym regularly. To maintain my physique I do regular exercises.

What are you crazy about?
I am crazy about my hairstyle and dresses. I love to wear casuals as I don’t get enough chances to try different variations in college. Only denim and shirts are allowed in college campus. When I go outside the campus, I never miss any chance to try different variations in casuals.  
You have chosen engineering as your career.  Is this your own decision or you have been forced by your parents?
My parents never forced me for anything. Engineering was solely my own decision. My parents supported me in whatever I did.


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