Sid (R Madhavan) is freshly divorced and is now into the profession of breaking marriages when it becomes too much to bear for their clients. Sonali (Bipasha Basu) is his partner in the good deed.  However, Sid for his own selfish interests uses Sonali and some wily ways to break the marriage of Mark (Milind Soman) and Maggie (Dipannita Sharma). This brings a rift between Sid and Sonali.

A hatke love story this could have been. A fun, breezy comedy this could have been. But alas, for most parts Jodi Breakers ends up being a boring case of trying too hard to be everything but not quite reaching anywhere kind of a film.

First of all, the jokes fall flat and sometimes they venture into the ugh area of farts, loosies and the likes, and the biggest joke of it all is casting Omi Vaidya as a Casaonova with whom the entire world and her aunty wants to get intimate. A serious case of miscasting there.

Can we turn to the lead pair for some respite? No sir. Whatever happened to the twinkly eyed, charming Maddy, I don't know. Instead, what we get is an overweight, badly dressed with a strange fuzz on his chin-man, whom I refuse to recognise. While Bipasha looks gorgeous in some scenes, she has nothing much to do really, except smirk - in anger, in happiness and generally in life. Considering that she's so smoking hot, she steams up some scenes with her sheer presence.

Milind Soman and Dipannita Sharma look dashing together, in fact in one of the scenes where the two couples are saying their wedding vows, this couple managed to steal the thunder from right under the lead couple.

Must admit that one scene where Omi lands up in the hospital is actually bold and hilarious. But by the time you come to the second half and the unbelievably silly climax scene, you have forgotten that you had laughed for two minutes somewhere in the first half.

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