Are you committing common mistakes while blow drying your hair? Just have a look on the listed points that are must to keep in mind before styling your hair. Blow dry your hair in right way for healthy hairstyle.

Divide your hair first
Keep a claw clip or duckbill clips near your blow dryer, so that you can easily section hair into the bare minimum of threehorizontal sections as you dry.Blow drying

Sit and blow-dry
Always sit comfortably and blow dry your hair. When you’re comfortably seated, you can fully use the strength of the upper
body without getting tired.

Do not hold the brush in  wrong hand
Always use stronger hand to hold your brush. Now you can get your job done in an increased efficiency in less time.

Do not over twist the brush

Pull the brush away from the scalp to the midpoint of strand length and then safely start twisting the brush to create shape
and curl while under the pointed jet stream of your blow dryer.

Pull your hair in horseshoe shape
Pull your hair up towards the ceiling, imagining a horseshoe shape coming out of your crown. That just won't do if you want
a roaring mane of silky smoothness.

Upward drying   Keep dryer at safe
  Holding the mouth of the blow dryer right on top of hair
  doesn't dry it faster, but only leaves tell-tale damage.
  Always dry with a plastic nozzle in place toregulate and
  direct heat, and keep it at least an inch away from        

  Don’t hold the dryer in wrong position
  Keep that nozzle parallel to each section of hair you     hit.hit  Otherwise, the heat will irritate and rough up the    cuticle, leaving you with flyaway, damage and smoking strands.

 Keep your dryer moving
Shaking, rattling and rolling roll are good for your hair.   Keeping that dryer moving ensures that hair will dry at the same rate all over, and it will actually prevent your shoulder and wrist from hurting from the strain of staying in one spot.

 Don’t go too fast
 Do not race through the process of blow drying. You’ll    likely find  that you need to keep going back and re-doing sections anyway, wasting more time in the long run. If your hair dries rapidly (lucky you) before you get a chance to style the section, simply keep a spray bottle of water nearby.