India won the worldcup. You and I are over with parties. Heat of victory slowly came down. Now it’s another heat which is up. Everybody is searching Poonam Pandey. Do you know where Poonam Pandey is?  

The svelte beauty, who declared that she would go nude if India wins has now disappeared from her residence.  We tried her mobile several times. It has been switched off since the match got over.

Sources say Poonam wrote to BCCI that she was serious about baring it all for the boys. According to Poonam it would be a therapeutic method to boost and inspire people to perform better in any field.

Poonam firmly said when she asked if it’s only a publicity stunt, “I am doing this to excite the Indian players to play better, and not for her own publicity”.

where is poonam pandey?

What public says on it?

“The missing beauty is now disappointing many of us,” says Vishal, a physician from Mumbai. He further says, “Poonam is not keeping up her promise”.

Imran Mohhamad tweets, “At least she is using her own 'resources' to thank cricketers, not like Netas frittering Taxpayers money”.

A fan even goes further saying he has bought HD TV to see Poonam nude.

Everybody is searching for Poonam now.  Immediately after the match was over, there were several Facebook wall posts like, “Where is Poonam?”, “I’m waiting for you Poonam”,

where is poonam pandey?

Here are few posts and tweets about Poonam Pandey

Ritesh :- Where the hell is Poonam Pandey

Anil :- Vaada kiya to nibhao. Dikhao.  

Hamid Khan:- Fantastic win India , have a fantastic party , as world champions you deserve this!

M Sudan:- R U ALRIGHT....tell me...really ..its nt about making ur carrier..frm this nude hoax...??? u want publicity...huh.

Sitanshu Srivastava:- Don’t u thnk whether u strip or u dnt, the world cup has to be in india,.. The GOD of Cricket is there to get it.

Souvikk:- Everyone should take a publicity lesson frm u.dnt prove urself 2 b a prossssss.

Posted By: Divyanshu Bhard

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