Cricket World Cup Is Under Terror Threat


Centre alerts states on IndoPak border during WC

In the wake of several reports about possible terrorist attacks in India during the ongoing World Cup, the Centre has declared high-alert in the states bordering India and Pakistan.
The Home Ministry has directed the Border Security Forces (BSF) in Rajasthan and Gujarat to keep a vigil along the border to foil infiltration attempts by terrorist organisations. 

Home Ministry has instructed the BSF to be vigilant in Barmer sector along with Gujarat border. BSF personnel are alerted along the Jaisalmer and Bikaner border in Rajasthan and Barmer border in Gujarat.
BSF DIG Vijay Sakaraia (Barmer sector) said, “After receiving the orders from the Home Ministry we are maintaining a close watch. In sensitive areas, we are taking the help of high-tech devices to keep a check along the border lines to prevent infiltration of terrorists.”
The borders of Rajasthan and Gujarat have always been a convenient road for terrorists to sneak into the country. Two years back, terrorist organistaion Babbar Khalsa ordered explosives from Pakistan border situated near Barmer. The weapons used in Kolkata Trade Centre attack and the explosives used in Ludhiana blast were also brought from Pakistan border near Jaisalmer. As such, the border along Jaisalmer has also been put on alert.
Meanwhile, the Home Ministry has ordered for installation of surveillance cameras and interlude alarms along the areas bordering Rajasthan in India and Pakistan.
With the setting up of these high-tech devices, India shall be in a better position to ward off any untoward incident as the cameras will help in clicking pictures of any terrorist trying to enter the country and immediately inform the control room situated near the border.
A team will be reaching Barmer in April this year to install under-carriage scanner in Thar Express for vigilance. After the Home Ministry’s order, the BSF as well as Rajasthan police have increased their surveillance.

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