5 Minutes Midday Touch Up Tips


You spend a good amount of time each morning putting together the perfect makeup that can keep your skin flawless for the whole day But what about heat that make your makeup sag or cake Drinking tea coffee or cold drink can smudge your lipstick Your skin has been producing oil all day It’s time for a touchup

Here are a few tips to help you pull off that perfect mid-day touch-up – in five minutes or less. These will not take much of your time but will make you look fresh for the whole day. Let's start with cleansing of your face.
Wipes for clean-up

Wipes clean excess oil from your face and keeps you looking fresh. Wet wipes not only cleanse but also moisturizes your skin. You should always carry a packet of wipes in your purse when you are on the go. They can be a quick touch-up all by themselves.
Touch up your eyes
For a clean beautiful eyes use a clean cotton swab to remove any caked or flaking makeup from the corners of your eyes and to touch up the edges of your eyeliner. The key is to keep what you put on in the morning looking great without reapplying your whole look, so only add more eye shadow if absolutely necessary.
Light dusting for even tone
A small amount of powder can help you blend and a light dusting over the nose and cheeks can help control oil for the rest of the day. If your color has faded since morning, brush on a little more. Start with the apples of your cheeks and brush upward with a couple of quick strokes. Don’t overdo it; just brighten it up a bit.
Lovely lips & sparkling teeth within
Hot coffee and warm gossips can spell disaster for even the best-dressed lips. This is the one area where it is best to start over. Blot any caked color off your lips and apply some lip balm if needed. Then take a moment to reapply your lip liner and lipstick.
Check your teeth before passing a broad smile. Your teeth speak as loudly as your eyes when it comes to first impression. Always carry a tooth brush and a small tooth paste or toothpick in your purse and clean your especially after your meals.

Posted By: Surabhi Yadav

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